The Shed Cluster Group strives to improve the quality of life for men by addressing men’s health issues and the need for organised but low level/achievable activities for mature people.
  Belmont Men's Shed & Community Garden  


Management Committee
President :
Chris Holgate
Vice President :
Max Wright
Secretary :
John Gorton
Treasurer :
Allan Gillespie
Committee :
Mark Fitzgerald
  Darrell Blanch
  John Graham
  Greg Mason
  Larry Schulz
  Peter Wilkinson



Belmont Men’s Shed & Community Garden is where men can be safe and secure, talk shoulder to shoulder and find mateship. Belmont Men’s Shed & Community Garden is a proud project of Belmont Neighbourhood Center (BNC).

Belmont Men’s Shed & Community Garden is a group of people with a wide range of backgrounds, interests and skills who come together as members.

Projects and activities carried out by members can be as diverse as the membership would would like. At present these include gardening to grow vegetables in the Habitat in Harmony community garden, odd jobs around the BNC property, and watering the town plants along Belmont’s main street. Once our shed is finished being built the membership will have the exciting task of deciding what projects and activities they would like to get involved in!

We are open Mon to Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm



Name :
John Gorton
Position :
Phone :
359 Pacific Highway Belmont North NSW 2280
Email :
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