The Shed Cluster Group strives to improve the quality of life for men by addressing men’s health issues and the need for organised but low level/achievable activities for mature people.
Branxton Greta Men's Shed


Management Committee
President :
Kevin Bell
Vice President:
Jim Cahill
Secretary :
Ian Merriman
Treasurer :
Dick Wesseling
Committee :
Bill Cudby
  Jan Cahill
  Darrell Cronin
  Geoff Jones
  Darryl Green
Lady Craft Day:
Tuesday:9am - 12 pm
Shed - Wednesday:
7:00 am to 12:00 pm
Shed - Thursday:
7:00 am to 12:00 pm
Shed - Friday:
7:00 am to 12:00 pm


The Branxton Greta Men’s Shed is a member-based Incorporated Association founded on the principle of sharing information and developing skills, as well as providing an important role in the Hunter Valley community of providing a much needed meeting place where men and others can find social inclusion, support and camaraderie.

Branxton Greta Men’s Shed also provides an area where women can also get together, every Tuesday, and share conversation, companionship and ideas while engaging in a variety of craft projects.

Men’s health, including mental health is a key aspect of our organisation and, as Professor Barry Golding, a men’s shed patron stated, “Men don’t talk face to face – they talk shoulder to shoulder.”

The Branxton Greta Men’s Shed is located on the old St Mary’s Primary School site in Branxton Street, Greta.

The Branxton Greta Men’s Shed has woodworking, metalwork, small motors and gardening activities, along with the craft activities for the women. One of the other activities the shed is involved with is the mentoring of young people from the local schools.



Click here to see a copy of the Branxton Greta Men’s Shed Brochure


  An overview of the Branxton Greta Shed
Community works


  The Branxton Greta Men’s Shed is a proud supporter and member of the Australian Men’s Shed movement .  


Name :
Kevin Bell
Position :
Phone :
(02) 4938 6089 or 0467 314 211
49 Branxton Street Greta, NSW, 2334
Email : or
Facebook :
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