The Shed Cluster Group strives to improve the quality of life for men by addressing menís health issues and the need for organised but low level/achievable activities for mature people.

  Cessnock Men's Shed & Community Garden Inc.

 How to get to the Cessnock Men's Shed and Community Garden:

From Cessnock take the Wine Country Drive towards the airport and turn left at the Calvary site then follow the signs to the shed and garden.


Management Committee

  Peter Torenbeek
Vice President:
  Grahame Dunnicliff
  Col Chapman
  Gerry Egan
  David Chalker
      Neville Radnidge

Lindsay Forbes


Cessnock Men's Shed & Community Garden committee was formed out of The Two Bishops Trust initiative in 2005 with a view of establishing a community gathering point for people of like minded interests and pursuits to develop ideas and skills and participate in a comfortable and social environment for the betterment of the community.

Currently with a membership of approximately 110, many members meet at an area off Wine Country Drive at Nulkaba on Mondays and Thursdays from 8.00am till 2.00pm . (Please check with Peter Torenbeek before attending.)

On property leased from Hunter New England Health, we have an area of over an acre comprising several buildings, a greenhouse, large space for gardening activities, plus storage areas etc.

The committee has been managing donations and funding from several areas including Premiers Department, Cessnock Lions Club, Coal & Allied Trust, and Rotary. Much support comes from local contact, in kind and by way of donations of materials.

The Cessnock Menís Shed do a wide range of Ďhands on Ď projects, many members work on horticultural endeavours, a social gardening group exists, and we provide a point for outside groups to direct clients to assist in their recovery or rehabilitation back to society.

There are four activities in our shed and you are welcome to participate.

 We build bird boxes (parrot breeding), and sell these to help re-establish parrots in the community and prevent Indian or Common Myna birds from stealing parrot nesting places.   We have currently set up separate woodworking and metalworking areas, along with storage containers.  Myna bird traps are built in our metal work area.

Bird Box
Bird Boxes Installed
Trailer Being Built



We collect seeds and grow them into plants, in our shade house for supply to the community and for land care groups.


Community Garden

The community garden is open to members and produces local fresh produce for the shed members and the community.





Cessnock Men's Shed & Community Garden

PO BOX 548, Cessnock 2325

Peter Torenbeek - President - 02 49901198 or 0422 336 367

Col Chapman - Secretary - 0407 003 280 or email

Address: The Shed is via Calvary Aged Care Facility, off Wine Country Drive, Nulkaba



Proudly Supported by:

Hunter New England Area Health,

Cessnock Lions Club





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