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Mike Pauly's Visit to Newcastle

Mike Pauly's visit to Singleton Shed - Mikes Arrival in Singleton

Mike arrived at our Singleton Shed this morning at around 8am after spending the night under the stars on McDougals Hill Singleton.
I welcomed him to our Singleton Shed at around 9am after receiving his phone call and invited him to refresh with a welcome "Cuppa", Chat and a shower.

He spent some time enjoying a cuppa and some biscuits with us while relaying some of his adventures and trials along his 15,000kms journey so far.

Our Member Barry F. assisted Mike by facilitating some spoke replacements on his small front wheel, thanks to the generosity of our local Bike Business he was back on the road at about 1.30pm.

Mike is in his 70's and continues his long road back to Fremantle via the Newcastle AMSA Conference, where he will pause for a little, in the luxury of some well earned hotel accommodation.

A very good man promoting Men's Shed's, Men's Health and Osteo Arthritis support throughout his national travels.....We wish him a safe journey home and hope his wife still recognises him in Hobart when they next meet.........

Thank you, John Elliott, for the information
Shed Executive/Publicity
Singleton Men's Shed

When Mike Pauly from the Fremantle Men’s Shed in Western Australia decided to attend the AMSA Conference in Newcastle from 17th – 20th October he wondered how he would get there.

Then he had a great idea – he would walk!! Not only that, he decided to walk via the Northern Territory, through Queensland then down the inland of NSW to Newcastle. So simple, it doesn’t look all that far on the map.  Mike left home 10 months ago and by the time he reaches Newcastle he will have walked 8,000 Km. and then by the time he arrives home this will have blown out to 15,000 Km.

On the way he promoted Men’s Sheds wherever he could with the local press and radio programs and with the people he met in towns along the way.  Many friendly folks invited him home for meals and a night’s sleep in a real bed, which made his trip more enjoyable, and he is very thankful for their hospitality.

I met Mike having lunch on the side of the road 61 Km west of Newcastle and spent a pleasant half hour chatting with him.  He was looking forward to a rest when he reaches Newcastle (3 whole days) before he sets off walking home via Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia then across the Nullarbor. He told me he had previously walked across the Nullarbor to Melbourne and back again so he knows what is ahead of him but I don’t think it will make it any easier. 

Mike told me he walked to the Conference in Ballarat and home again in 2013.

Brian Durrant, the Zone representative in the Hunter has been phoning Mike every day since he stepped across the boarder into NSW which has been a great assistance to him as Brian has been able to contact sheds alerting them to his approach and asking if they could make him welcome.  Well done Brian.

How many of us get in our cars to drive a couple of minutes to buy a paper?

Reported by John Sharples 

For accommodation during Mike’s stay in Newcastle, the President of Newcastle Men's Shed, Lukas Junker, has offered Mike a room. Lukas, we thank you very much for your hospitality. From Saturday night onwards AMSA will provide a hotel room in Newcastle until the end of the Conference.

Mike welcomed to Newcastle by the President and Members of Newcastle Men's Shed

While in Newcastle, Mike visited students at Lake Macquarie High School with mentors, Don Sharp and Paul Battle, and talked about his advantures during his walk across Australia. These students are involved in a Youth Frontier Mentoring Program to engage with the community and appeared to be inspired by the discussion.

Today Mike visited the Newcastle Men's Shed

With the good conversation and time spent with Mike Pauly, Don Sharp presented Mike with Honorary Membership to the Newcastle Men's Shed.

Mike joined members and friends from the Newcastle Men's Shed to assist with Mc Happy Day at the McDonald's Industrial Drive.


Mike's wheels finally arrived at the Newcastle Town Hall, Mike somewhere in Newcastle.

Mike and members of the Newcastle Men's Shed enjoying breakfast before Mike sets off on his way down the coast toward Sydney.

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