The Shed Cluster Group strives to improve the quality of life for men by addressing men’s health issues and the need for organised but low level/achievable activities for mature people.
  Wangi Mens Shed  


Management Committee
President :
Greg Cross
Vice President :
Secretary :
Robert Hincks
Treasurer :
Ken Gladman
Committee :
David Myers
  Colin Hunt
  Neil Taylor
  Richard Worsley



Official Opening of Wangi Mens Shed on 28th February 2015

Congratulations to the Committee and members of the Wangi Mens Shed

You have made it, after a dogged fight over a number of years. Today’s effort must have felt very good to see the opening of your Mens Shed.
I heard one speaker talk about the hard work can now start, only to think to myself, with the members you already have and with your committee, it will be like a walk in the park.

You can be proud of your accomplishment and have now added another facility to the community to assist men in their years of need.


Well Done



Wangi Mens Shed provides programs and opportunities designed to make us feel useful contributors to the communities of Wangi and surrounding centres:

  • Learning and sharing new skills with others
  • Making new friends and networking with other men
  • Contributing to one’s personal well being and the well being of other men
  • Provision for a mentoring program for other members and for youth in the community
  • Providing opportunities to learn new skills that may improve job opportunities

We are open Tuesday and Wednesday, between 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Name :
Greg Cross
Position :
Phone :
22 Donnelly Road, Arcadia Vale, NSW 2283
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